ISPARC 2021 Annual Regional Engagement Meetings

Amy Shields
Event date 24 Nov '21 10:00 - 15:00
Event location Online • , V1R 4L9, BC, Canada

    Meetings will be held 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM With a Lunch Break
    Region   Meeting Date   Via    Registration Deadline
    Northeast/Northwest   Thursday, Nov 18   Zoom (link sent via email)    Nov 13
    Interior   Wednesday, Nov 24   Zoom (link sent via email)    Nov 19
    Vancouver Coastal   Friday, Nov 26   Zoom (link sent via email)    Nov 21
    Fraser   Tuesday, Nov 30   Zoom (link sent via email)    Nov 25
    Vancouver Island   Friday, Dec 3   Zoom (link sent via email)    Nov 28

    Attendees must register via the Registration Form below. No cost to register.
    REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  5 Days prior to Meeting Date




    I·SPARC's annual Regional Engagement Sessions brings together Indigenous leaders in the sport, physical activity, recreation, health, and education sectors along with other partner organizations/groups within each of its six regions. These sessions provide the opportunity to build consensus on community-based approaches to increasing participation in sport and physical activity and improving health outcomes. The Regional Engagement Sessions also support the establishment of regional priorities that guide the design of community programs delivered throughout the year.

    Participants of the Regional Engagement Sessions become part of I·SPARC’s ever growing Regional Network, which is central to regional decision-making processes. Being part of the Regional Network provides a critical communication link for sharing information on regional and provincial program opportunities. It also provides the opportunity to participate on a wide range of committees that guide the planning and implementation of programs within the region.


    Please contact your Regional Coordinator for any further questions about the Regional Engagement Sessions or Premier's Awards Celebration in your region:
    Region   Regional Coordinator   Phone    Email
    Northeast   Julie Daniels   250-856-0866
    Northwest   Toni Muldoe   250-856-0861
    Interior   Bernard 'Buzz' Manuel   250-856-0868
    Vancouver Coastal   Peter Natrall   250-856-0863
    Fraser   Alana Cook   250-856-0854
    Vancouver Island   Jeremy Speller   250-856-0864