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Concussion in Sport Resources: SIRC

22 Sep 2021 •
Holly Borwick
Great resources surrounding concussions, including communication tools to properly manage and prevent concussions in your sport.  The website offers multiple resources including:

Game Changers: Women in Soccer

10 Aug 2021 •
Video Archive of May 2021 Event: Scottish United and the Edmonton Angels are proud to present 

2020 - 21 Recorded Webinars, Podcasts & Resources

11 May 2021 •
Hub Admin
Just in case you missed it!  Here are links to a variety of recorded webinars, podcasts and resources. Canadian Sport Institute Calgary: 

U8 Weekly Session Plan - as we go.

5 May 2021 •
James Brotherhood
I will share my weekly practice plans as they develop. Hopefully these are useful and give you ideas. Feedback welcomed

15 Mar 2021 •
Mike Kent is an emotional support and crisis chat line.