SHRED injuries: Neuromuscular Training Coach Workshop

Event date 15 Jun '21 17:00 - 18:30

University of Calgary Presents - SHRED injuries: Neuromuscular Training Coach Workshop

Join us to learn how you can implement evidence-informed warm-up programs with your athletes to decrease their risk of injury and prepare them for continued participation throughout their sport season.

These neuromuscular training programs prepare the athletes through muscle activation to increase dynamic joint stability and improve fundamental movement biomechanics. With training maintenance, this can be translated to optimal movement patterns in sport and activity.

Research has demonstrated that neuromuscular training warm-up programs are effective at reducing injuries by 30-60%. This will be particularly important as athletes return to activity following prolonged ‘off-season’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neuromuscular training programs include aerobic, balance, strength and agility exercises. These programs can be implemented in a variety of different environments (field, court, ice, gym, pool deck, etc). They require little or no equipment and can be further adapted to fit in small spaces such as a dressing room or a hallway.

This online workshop is 2-hours and 15 minutes in length and is free for everyone. All coaches are welcome, and those who are NCCP-certified will be eligible to claim 2 credits.

In this workshop, coaches will:

  • Learn neuromuscular training exercises, including cueing athletes and identifying common errors
  • Have the opportunity to practice performing the exercises
  • Discuss strategies for implementation with your athletes
  • Receive resources to support delivery of the program with your athletes


Photo Credit: USPORTS