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Concussion in Sport Resources: SIRC

22 Sep 2021 •
Holly Borwick
Great resources surrounding concussions, including communication tools to properly manage and prevent concussions in your sport.  The website offers multiple resources including:

15 Mar 2021 •
Mike Kent is an emotional support and crisis chat line.

The Outdoors & Youth Mental Health

25 Jan 2021 •
Mike Kent
These two documents from the Outward Bound Trust: Young People's Mental Health & Wellbeing: Connecting to Nature and Young People and Covid-19: The Role of the Outdoors for their Recovery, Resi

Covid-19 Education and Skill Building - Canadian Sport Institute

30 Dec 2020 •
Hub Admin
Canadian Sport Institute - Calgary Sport Science webinars, podcasts and various handouts offering relevant educational opportunities for coaches and NSOs during a time of unc

Resource Hub: Mental health and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic

27 Mar 2020 •
Hub Admin
The Mental Health Commission of Canada just released a resource Hub to share credible information and resources about maintaining mental health during this time of crisis.

Managing Anxiety and Stress in Families with Children and Youth During the COVID-19 Outbreak

26 Mar 2020 •
Hub Admin
Child & Youth Mental Health & Substance Use (CYMHSU) Community of Practice March 2020 - Article and resources to 'Managing Anxiety and Stress in Families with Children and Youth D