Return to Play Meeting - Nelson

Kim Palfenier
Event date 18 Aug '20 18:30 - 20:00
Event location Lakeside Soccer Fieldhouse • Lakeside Fields, Nelson, V1L 5Z3, BC, Canada
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There has been constant news and support from our Provincial sport organizations, Viasport and Sport for Life about implementing protocols. However, there are other long-term implications of Covid19 on our local and national sport systems that need addressing.

Some stats about the challenges that sports groups are facing, or will face during the next season or two, are a cause for concern. One prediction based on the most recent (during covid) Sport for Life survey says 1 in 3 groups in Canada will fold because of financial pressures caused by Covid protocols.

What would that look like in Nelson? And which groups would they be?

If we could prevent that from happening, how would we do it? I think it's worth a discussion to get a jump on this as soon as we can.

District's all over the country are getting together to identify and solve the challenges by pooling ideas and resources. Let's do the same.

Please pass this onto all sports groups you know, not just organized groups: Lunch-bucket leagues / Beer leagues / ad-hoc rec teams / yoga etc - All Welcome