5. Project Groups

Collaborate with your team, schools, community groups and other organizations by creating or joining a project group.

Every project group page includes collaborative tools needed to work together; communication stream, resource and file storage, schedule and/or calendar of events and membership management. 

Why should I join a project?

Combine everything in one place to keep everyone in the loop without all the meetings and endless emails!  Joining a project means that you will receive notifications about new content and resources in your main activity stream and also you will be able to post, comment and participate on content within the project.

How do I create or join a project?

Any registered member can create a new project or join an existing public one. A project can be private or public and can have members and multiple managers. For a private project page, members need to be added by the project manager.

Create a new Project or Join an Existing one

How do I leave a project?

Its as easy as joining - if you look in the same place that you clicked the "Join" button it now allows you to leave.