5. Project Groups

Collaborate with other organizations by making or joining a project group to collect and share related resources and discussion.

A project group is similar to an organization microsite in that it acts as a group for resources, information and events around a specific topic.

How do I create or join a project?

Any registered member can create a new project or join an existing one. A project can have members and multiple managers.

Create a new Project or Join an Existing one

Why should I join a project?

Joining a project means that you will receive notifications about new content and resources in your main activity stream and also you will be able to post, comment and participate on content within that project.

Just click on the "Join" button in the header of a project page to stay connected.

How do I leave a project?

Its as easy as joining - if you look in the same place that you clicked the "Join" button it now allows you to leave.