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Basin Youth Network

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Through the Basin Youth Network, we help communities increase local activities and opportunities for youth aged 12 to 18, enabling them to learn new skills, like leadership, and engage more with each other and their communities.

The Basin Youth Network supports youth and communities by:

  • Hosting Basin Youth Network Leadership Summits every two years.
  • Hosting regional events that provide opportunities for youth to engage with youth from neighbouring communities.
  • Developing programs to address Basin-wide priorities for youth such as leadership development and job readiness.
  • Supporting collaboration and providing resources to communities and those who work and interact with youth.
  • Providing multiyear funding to established community youth networks.

The 28 established community youth networks support activities and diverse opportunities based on local priorities, engage youth to connect more with each other and their community, as well as encourage collaboration among those who work and interact with youth. They are supported by oversight committees and guided by youth priorities.