The Rally Report: Encouraging action to improve sport for women and girls

James Brotherhood • 23 December 2020

The call to play, move, and compete is a rallying cry that
excites us, challenges us, and inspires us to come together.
We believe in the power of sport to help us push boundaries
and build connections as Canadians. For girls and women,
sport is a first step to leadership—helping them develop
the confidence and resilience they bring to their education,
careers, and communities. Value and support for women’s
engagement in sport become a bridge to gender equity in
society overall.
If we want sport in Canada to reach its full potential, women
and girls must be involved as participants, leaders and
contributors. When we can truly say every Canadian is
welcome in the circle of sport, regardless of their gender,
we will have changed sport for the better—from the bench,
to the boardroom, and beyond.
Canadian Women & Sport last produced a report like this in
2016. We believe it’s time to continue the conversation: to
acknowledge the advancement we’ve made towards gender
equity over the past few years, and to dig into the data that
shows us we still have work to do.
We invite you to rally with us—to drive change and build the
momentum we need to achieve gender equity. Let’s use our
collective voices to advocate for sport that is inclusive and
reflects our values. Let’s leverage our respective influence to
create a sport system that is built by, with and for women and
girls. Together, we will change the game so everyone wins.