Jen Brown • 28 April 2020
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Learn Dance Online

Dance is a form of expression, music, and exercise that has great coordination, athleticism and balance for any person and/or athlete! There are several styles of dancing, differing in each culture around the world.

  • The videos below contain both choreo videos, if you would like to learn a series of steps together in a choreography, or dance moves videos that you just learn the moves without an order.
  • Some videos are short, giving a demonstration of moves, or running through the choreo. Replay them as needed or practice on your own 
  • *Tip, if doing choreography - the great thing about doing it with a video, is you can stop and rewind the video to learn at your pace!


Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dance is an urban style dance that encompasses street styles such as popping, locking, crumping, and freestyle. It is danced to urban, hip hop and rap music.  

Hip Hop Moves/Workout 

Popular Dance Tutorials - Choose from 19 dance move videos (5 min each)

Tik Tok Spooky Scary Skeleton move, Part 1 (10 min) and part 2 (21 min)

Easy Dance Moves (15 min)

Basic Hip hop dance moves (part 1) (11min) and dance combo part 2 (5 min)

Les Mills Hip Hop Workout (15 min)



Beginner Hip Hop Choreo

Hip Hop with Lucie Fink (8 min)
"Love No More" by oud Luxury and Andres (17 min) 
"Intentions" by Justin Beiber (18 min)
Beginner hip hop  (10 min) 
"Circles" - Post Malone with VyBE Dance Company (19 min) 



Tik Tok Choreo

Many popular Tik Tok dance videos come from Hip Hop. Learn some some of your favorite dance choreos below:

Say So - Doja Cat  (11min)
I’ve been Tik Tokin (15 min)
Dua Lipa - Don’t Start now (17 min)
Renegade Part 1 (14 min) and Part 2 (20 min)
Blinding Lights (5 min)
Laxed Siren Beat (6 min)




House dance a street dance that focuses on footwork and bounce groove with the torso (known as a "jack").The popular dance move of "shuffling" is also a form of house. 

Beginner House Footwork (10 min)
Intermediate House Footwork (10 min)
Beginner House Choreo (10 min)



Afrobeats and Dancehall have similar vibes and are other hip hop styles from cultures within Africa and the Carribean (mostly Jamaica), respectively.

Afrobeats and Dancehall (25 min workout)
Afro Popular Moves (15 min)
Afro Choreo - "Kontrol" (10 min)
Afro Moves - Gwara Gwara Dance (10 min)




Ballet is a highly technical dance style that is the foundation of most dance. It  has elements of grace, elegance, balance and strength. 

Learn ballet basics (4 min)
Basic Ballet Positions (8 min)
Ballet Class for beginners (15 min)
Learn simple ballet moves (20 min)



Jazz is an upbeat style of dance that is usually danced to current popular songs. It combines many dance forms and influenced by ballet, modern, tap, hip hop, etc. 

Simple Jazz Steps (12 min)
Basic Jazz Moves (12 min)
Beginner Jazz Dance (10 min)


Contemporary is composed of ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical. It is an expressive form of dance that connects mind and body through fluid movements

Contemporary for small spaces (14 min)
Beginner Contemporay (10 min)
Beginning contemporary (12 min)
Beginner Lyrical (11 min)