Martial Arts

Jen Brown • 28 April 2020

Learn Martial Arts Online

Martial Arts are holistic sports that promote self-defense, discipline, fitness as well as body and mind awareness. There are many types you can choose from, each with a unique style!


Body Combat

A high energy workout inspired by martial arts drawing on karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Check out the following links, and find more great workouts on their page!


Body Combat Invincible By: Les Mills Rebook (15 min)

Body Combat Invincible  By: Les Mills Rebook (20 min)

Kick Boxing Class  By: Pop Sugar



A Korean Martial Art that places emphases on high, fast, spinning kicks. The following links have a series of progressive classes for both beginner and intermediate. 

Taekwondo Beginner Classes

Taekwondo Intermediate Classes






A Japanese Martial Art that places emphases on hand strikes and blocks.  The following link offers a series of progressive short videos for beginner karate techniques.

Beginner Karate Lessons




A Brazilian art form where martial arts meet dance. It combines elements of fight, aerobics, music and dance. Check out the following beginner Capoeira trainings (learn technique) and workouts (follow the moves in a workout style).

Capoeira Classes (30 min)

Capoeira Training by Groupo Axe (35 min)

Capoeira Training by Groupo Axe  (40 min)

Capoeira Workout by Abawi Fitt (40 min)