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Basin PLAYS in Action Conference Resources - Cranbrook

28 Jan 2020 •
Resources and presentations from the Basin PLAYS In Action Conference held in Cranbrook October 25th, 2019  

Exercise, Equipment, Tips and Tricks

22 Apr 2020 •
Jen Brown
These documents contains tips and tricks to support your child's movement! 


28 Feb 2020 •
Hub Admin
"The primary goal of the Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Strategy is to improve the health outcomes of Indig

Sport for Life : Campus

25 Feb 2020 •
Hub Admin
Sport for Life Workshop Catalog  


28 Feb 2020 •
Hub Admin
"At viaSport, we believe that all British Columbians deserve equitable opportunities to develop and realize their potential through sport – as an athlete, coach, official or volunteer. 

"At Home Activities"

25 Mar 2020 •
James Brotherhood
  Crowdsourced resources that are out there for parents and kids to stay active in sport and build physical literacy and sport skills.  

"Challenge Me!"

21 Mar 2021 •
Wesley Savill
A discussion of confirmation theory and the implications on athletic development of youth athletes. The article is quite academic, but very worth a read.

60 Minute Club

25 Feb 2020 •
Hub Admin
The 60 Minute Kids’ Club is unique activation program designed to support the development of physical literacy & health strategies.

Abilities Centre

14 Apr 2020 •
Hub Admin
Abilities Centre is a charitable organization that delivers enriching sports and fitness, arts, research and education, and life skills opportunities for people of all ages and abi

Active for Life

16 Nov 2020 •
Hub Admin
Active for Life resource page provides a list of articles and links to support physical literacy development outside.

Active For Life - Parent & Professional Toolkits

25 Feb 2020 •
Hub Admin
Physical literacy resources for parents and professionals.

AdventureSmart Trip Plan

5 Apr 2020 •
Mike Kent
Heading Outdoors? Leave a Plan. NO ONE EVER expects to get into trouble outdoors.