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Let's Take Action - Together! 

Want to make a difference in kid’s lives through physical activity?  Join our Basin PLAYS - Physical Literacy in Schools Community of Practice today!

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are groups of practitioners who “share a passion for something they know how to do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better” (Wenger, 2015).  The Basin PLAYS Physical Literacy in Schools CoP offers educators and physical literacy practitioners a platform to share ideas, evidence-based resources, projects, and experiences.  This project page allows space for multi-sector collaboration, big idea thinking and social innovation to take place.

The CoP focus is to provide information and practical tips on planning quality programs, assessment, leadership and training, promoting positive and active school culture, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion.  Members can post resources, share ideas, accomplishments, suggestions and engage in dialogue relevant to their areas of interest.  

The Basin PLAYS Coordinator will assist the CoP by posting resources, events and providing member support. To become a member and be notified of new resources, events and posts, sign up and click 'join' on this page.  

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